Peninsula Clubhouse (Leisure Space) by Joe Chan
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
A panorama of mountain ranges and bays surrounds Peninsula, Sanya, in Hainan Province. The Sanya Peninsula Clubhouse is located in the basement of the residential building and is bordered by water and mountains. During the developmental phase, designers found a damp, unused space with intertwining beams and columns. This served as the inspiration behind the sea cave journey that the clubhouse attempts to emulate for its visitors.
The clubhouse is exclusive for residents ofthe CITIC Peninsula Estate, a property developed by CITIC Real Estate. The clubhouse boasts facilities such as a lobby, cafeteria, Chinese restaurant, private rooms, tea room, a library, chess rooms, a gymnasium and a swimming pool, for a combined total area of 5,000 m2.
Design Challenges
It is located in basement 1 and basement 2 of the residential building. Basement 1 contains most of the functional rooms and spans approximately 155 meters. It's geographical proximity to the water and a mountain contributed to the challenge of its designing process. The client originally believed access to clubhouse via residential elevators would be sufficient, rendering a main entrance unnecessary. This, however, left a gap to be filled by designers. The budget presented additional challenges, and necessitated careful adjustments as designers concocted an design in the Neo-Chinese style with a budget of just EUR400 per sqm
Production Technology
Volcanic rocks only found in Hainan line the lobby walls, while the floors feature highly reflective Mongolian black marbles to create an inverted effect. Evocative displays conjure images of a deep sea cave: stone lion statues unique to the Ming and Qing dynasties, and ancient ebony found in a sunken ship awaken the visitor's sense of wanderlust as they are led through the lobby. In B1, the various function rooms are harmonized by a low-cost smoky oak grille featuring an elaborative Sanhualiuwan design that can be found in the buildings of the Forbidden City. The function rooms are reconciled while invoking the Chinese legacy.
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