Suigetsu Japanese Restaurant (Japanese Restaurant) by TOMOHIRO KATSUKI
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Chongqing is located right at the crosspoint of Yang Zi and Jia Ling River. This crosspoint inspired us to make a confusion of nature landscape features and restaurant interior design together.
1. We combined both ChongQing and Japanese culture in this restaurant. Some of the features were coming from ChongQing's traditional culture. While Japanese culture also play an important role in it. 2. You can feel the varies changes of ChongQing's landscape by all the hight differences of the floor. 3. The plan arrangements combined Chinese Fengshui culture. 4. This restaurant can not be defined as a Japanese restaurant, nor a Chongqing restaurant. It absorbed the similar features of these two place.
Design Challenges
Two sides of the walls were glass facade. This limitation contributed to huge light differences of the restaurant during the day and on the night. So that we refined the appearance of the acrylic light box. During day time, customers can appreciate the compound of the structure. While on the night, those light provide both light and visual attractiveness.
Production Technology
1. The shape of the ceiling were inspired by traditional folded fan. It used aluminum alloy as bones, with wood textures on the surface. 2.The connected points were used traditional Chinese Sun Mou technology, in a simplified way. 3.Different angles of the ceiling indicated the traditional Chinese umbrella bones. 4. All the blowing boxes on the facade actually coming from the traditional lamp festival in Chongqing. However, Japanese people also have this tradition. Considering about the semi-transparency of the paper surface of lamp, we used acrylic as a modern metaphor. When the night comes, all the light on the facade can always remind people of the flying lamps shining on the lamp festival day.
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