Susa Bird (Jewellery Set) by Zoha Khaniki
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
I was seeking for representing historical visual elements of Iran in present templates, but not just by patching traditional motifs to everyday objects. I wanted the spirit of past, restated without obviousness. Inspired by Persian ancient pottery and specially Susa Goblet, I started to design contemporary pieces desirable for today's sense of aesthetics, while the forms still carry stories of Iran's past times and visual culture. These pieces are stories of history.
This design provides modern minimal gold jewellery but is highly related to ancient times, as it in fact is inspired by historical motifs of Persians and even follows the earliest Iranians' ration to exhibit motion and perspective. At the first glance, pieces are simple, resembling vertical lines, but once taking a closer look, some creatures are recognized. This makes the design mysterious, offers the visitor the pleasure of discovery and provokes the curiosity to ask and hear about the story behind it.
Design Challenges
The first challenge was to use historical forms in a way that fits modern sense of aesthetics. The design needed to remain minimal and geometric, yet be considered as Persian traditional (according to target group's desires and market gaps). The second challenge was to design pieces which could be produced by laser cut and had simple details to guarantee more perfect results of outsourced production. Also a weight limit was set, causing a need to evaluate the weight at each stage of the design process, adding to the complexity of design.
Production Technology
All Carin Jewellery products, including this design, are fine jewellery made of 18k Gold. The main parts are laser cut on 0.6mm plates. Gas torch and laser welding are used to assemble parts of the earrings. The rings attached to the necklace are shaped with hand held tools. The product is polished at the final stage.
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