Hotel Pino Nature (Hotel) by Vuk Amir
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Main ingredients concerning inspiration for this project are vernacular architecture (common sense of building on a non-forgiving mountain: steep roofs, materiality and experience of vernacular architects), natural geometry of the mountain ambience (steep slopes, cone shape of pine trees), tactility and warmth of a mountain hut. These inspirations were then filtered and adapted to contemporary standards of architectural design.
Our projects objective was to create recreational, hospitality and restaurant/bar contents in a non-urban, mountain ambience. The hotel is situated between the capital city of B&H and mountain Trebević, famous for being one of the location of the Winter Olympics held in 1984. The restaurant/bar area was to be designed for both big events and every day small scale use, respecting a tight construction schedule and a reasonable budget.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the design activity was making balance between complex form, functional space and reasonable budget. It was great challenge to bring warmth and intimacy into a large structure. The recipe lies in the subdivision of a large interior into smaller, to human perception appealing but connected sceneries - Intimacy begins in your own corner – to each his corner.
Production Technology
The main responsible way of building on a mountain requires adaptation to climate and geographical conditions. Lessons from the local vernacular architectural language were the key inspiration in the form finding of the exterior appearance of the building. Steep spikes on the facade are an interpretation of roofs of mountain village houses and the silhouettes of pine trees. The main building volume rests on a stone cladded base – again citing tradition and the tripartite division of the composition of the object - legs / body / head - stone / wood / glass. Wooden shingles, from our previous experiences proved to be sustainable, durable and economical covering material on the mountain. Scratched below the surface, the support structure of the building is made of reinforced concrete - the dualism of these two materials is further interpreted through the interior - warm wooden surfaces communicate with rough, rustic concrete. Previously described tactility of materials goes side by side with the use of photo-wallpaper – the image is still returning to architecture as a scenographic and decorative moment.
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