Memo Health (Medication Management) by Shan Lu
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Winner
Medication non-adherence is a behavior choice that led to more than 12500 annual deaths, and 30-50% of treatment failures. We took inspiration from Professor Marteau, at Cambridge University, who demonstrated how powerful environment cues, such as a smaller sugary drinks size, were to promoting healthier behavior. We are tackling this medication non-adherence problem, with smarter APP design, by cueing users to comply with their regimen to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
1. Integration of Bluetooth smart pillbox and cellular smart pillbox, to automatically generate records such that users will not confuse to whether if they have taken their medication or not. 2. Remote family adherence tracking and VoIP call to enable family members to engage their loved ones. 3. Advanced algorithm learns from user's habit to remind user to take medication if and only if user fail to take their medication. This enables App reminders to be less intrusive.
Design Challenges
How to balance the complexity of the design such that it remains intuitive to non-tech savvy users, and at the same time, allows more eager users to explore deeper functionalities, such as non-intrusive alarm. This is not just a Goldilocks problem. It is about designing a learning curve that encourages exploring and limits unnecessary choices. It is a challenge of learning from user's behavior data to tune the design right.
Production Technology
Tangible feel of a piece of Memo stuck on the fridge, which tracks both the trivial and the important, bridges technology and the tactile quality of user's records. We used a light skeuomorph design elements to offer users the feel that they are operating this app like that of a piece Memo, whilst not letting too much realism to burden user's visual field.
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