North Sea Spirits (Bottle) by Ulrich Graf
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The project is based on the brand foundation of Sylt in the North Sea, the pureness, freshness of the sea and smoothness of the wadden sea. Kampen is the best known place of Sylt and is located at the most narrow part of the island, surrounded by the rough North Sea, and the smooth Wadden Sea, an UNESCO world heritage. With all these impressions in mind it was mandatory to design a very particular bottle, with which one can feel the extraordinary pureness, clearness and beauty of Sylt.
The uniqueness of the bottle impresses via pureness, simpleness and clearness. In contrast to most other bottles, North Sea Spirts are fully covered by an organic surface coating and labelling. Each of the 6 flavors are defined by one specific color. The bottle is unicolored with an organic label print. The content of the 4 mixed drinks is identical to the color of the bottle. The coating of the surface delivers a especially pleasant handfeel. The netweight of 862gr adds to the value perception.
Design Challenges
The 1st challenge was to find a possibility of a high quality presentation with a unique surface feel of the bottle, different to commonly used colored glass with a paper label. After 3 months research the possibility of an organic surface coating has been found. This technique delivers the feeling of having something very valuable in your hand, with a soft and warm handfeel, condensed water rolls off like from a lotus flower and the colors appear brilliantly. The 2nd challenge was to create the right shade of color for each specific flavor. Lots of trials were necessary to find the right specifications.
Production Technology
The underlying idea and requirement of the design was to differentiate from all other spirit bottles. Therefore Ulrich Graf came up with the idea to fully cover the bottle by an uni-colored surface, which is visible from a distance of 10-15meters. By this time there were not many fully covered bottles on the market. This trend has by now been taken over by champagne bottles (Iced champagne), however within the long drink sector, the bottles of North Sea Spirits remain unique. The technical realization was made together with industrial partners, who deliver the white glass bottle and organic surface coverage.
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