Cilllia (3d Hair Generator) by JIFEI OU
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Winner
Throughout nature, hair-like structures can be found on animals and plants at many different scales. Beyond ornamentation, warmth and a sense of touch, hair is also a natural responsive material that interfaces between the living organism and its environment by creating functionalities like adhesion, locomotion, and sensing. Inspired by how hair achieves those properties with its unique high aspect ratio structure, we are exploring ways of digitally designing and fabricating hair structures.
This work presents a computational method of 3D printing hair structures. It allows us to design and generate hair geometry at 50 micrometer resolution and assign various functionalities to the hair. The ability to fabricate customized hair structures enables us to create super fine surface texture; mechanical adhesion property; new passive actuators and touch sensors on a 3D printed artifact. We present applications to show how the method can be used for designing everyday interactive objects.
Design Challenges
Most of the current commercially available 3D printers use a layer by layer method to deposit materials into shapes that are designed in the CAD. The process follows a top-down pipeline, in which users create digital 3D models, and then a program slices the models into layers for the printer to print. It is difficult and impractical to create many thousands of small hairs with real geometry using conventional CAD systems. The data for describing the total geometry becomes extremely large and rendering such complex structures can also be computationally expensive.
Production Technology
all samples were fabricated with stereolithography 3D printing. We developed a voxel-based model generation method to instruct the printer to print various hair geometry and structure.
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