Insun Feeling (Cinema) by Ajax Law & Virginia Lung
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Sound plays a crucial role in movies, from the characters’ dialogues, sound effects, onset recordings to music scores; all these are important elements constituting a movie. The concept of sound is portrayed in the form of sound waves. Throughout the whole perimeter, three-dimensional red metal tubes are arranged to go up and down, representing a variety of sounds found in movies.
Throughout the cinema, wavy 3D red metal tubes stretch along the wall and extend towards the ceiling to represent sound waves. In some parts, they turn into a horizontal straight line, representing the stillness of sound and provide seats for visitors to rest and enjoy the decoration. At different times of the day, natural light passes through the red glass door of the cinema and enter the lobby, coloring the whole space in red and create various atmosphere. The design of marble bar counter and auditorium wall pattern also resemble the curvy sound waves in the lobby.
Design Challenges
It was challenging to portray the idea of sound wave. As sonic is itself invisible, the designers had to create a visible representation of sound waves to present the theme to the customers.
Production Technology
Cement, iron, sound-absorbing panels, laminated glass, glass, carpets
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