Pillo (Healthcare Robot App) by 415 Agency
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Winner
We strived to create the personality of a humane product that does not just manage supplement and medication schedules but helps users feel empowered and cared for. Designing the app interface we wanted to craft the experience of caring connectivity that is easy to understand and interact with for people of different ages, emotional and physical states.
The app was designed to complete and extend Pillo robot experience. Empathy, trust, and comfort are the key components, expressed in the app design. User interface provides a valuable user experience focusing on the medication and supplement regimen support not interaction with the interface. Clear navigation and originally designed elements create an intuitive and seamless user experience.
Design Challenges
We had to build a credible design that ensures the app attracts and satisfies all target user groups, being reliable, user-friendly and communicating a supportive and empathetic attitude. Many healthcare apps today focus mainly on data gathering. But the future of technology-enabled healthcare is all about caring connectivity rather than distance and pure functionality. We tried to craft encouraging environment inside the app to humanize technology and create a valuable connection with the user.
Production Technology
Based on the research data (target audience, key competitors, and healthcare app market) provided by the client, we gathered all possible use cases and made the app map. After that, high fidelity wireframes were built, iteratively tested and evaluated with the target user groups.To create a smooth experience, we avoided overstuffing the app with features and making it look like another pattern-based solution. Instead, we took a minimalistic approach, focusing on a clear and approachable design.
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