Drop (Coffee Table) by Buket Bazman
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Drop coffee table offers a minimal simplicity with its modernist and simple lines against traditional design conception. The design extends the usage area of marble and accordingly leads it to take place in living quarters. Furthermore, its production in different sizes provides contributions to the conception of special design for usage area.
Drop which is produced by wood and marble masters meticulously; consists of lacquer body on the solid wood and marble. Specific texture of marble separates all products from each other. Space parts of drop coffee table helps to organize the small house accessories. Another important property of the design is ease of movement provided by hidden wheels located under the body. This design allows to create different combinations with marble and color alternatives.
Design Challenges
Due to the conical form and material of the product, it would be more appropriate to manufacture it on a turning machine in order to be more resistant. However, the designed size was too big for the turning machine in the local workshops. For this reason, the inner conical part of the prototype table was produced on the turning machine. the outer shell was made by hand work, and the production is completed in two separate stages. With the experience gained later, the outer conical shell of the product was divided into two parts and made suitable for turning machine production. In this way a smooth surface was obtained and the design had perfect lines.
Production Technology
Coffee table with lacquared solid wood body, patina/polished marble tabletop, high quality imported furniture wheels.Solid wood used in the body by processing on turning machine, provides a long life and durability to the product due to its physical structure and performance.
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