Kuriosity (Store) by Studio Twist Architecture & Interior Design Studio
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Inspired by 17th century 'cabinets of curiosity' where extraordinary objects found by explorers were showcased, Kuriosity store is conceived as an immersive room of open showcases that reveal 'treasures' within.
Kuriosity comprises an online webstore linked to this first physical store that showcases a selection of fashion, design, artisanal products and art work. More than a typical retail store, we envisioned Kuriosity as a curated experience of discovery where products on display are supplemented with an additional layer of rich interactive media serving to attract and engage with the customer.
Design Challenges
The most difficult challenge was to design for the construction of the 5 sided infinity box. The floor and ceiling are both double panels of toughened glass measuring 2.5m by 1.7m with delicate reflective coating facing each other, whilst the rest of the glass walls are 2.3m tall, and for each face 2 coloured LED strips run around the border in between the glass panels. The vertical and horizontal glass panels must rest on the steel frame with equal overlaps following a strict installation sequence. We finally did it through precise 3D modelling and long discussions with the dedicated makers.
Production Technology
The walls are cladded in blasted stainless steel panels to create a blurred reflection and depth, with inset display boxes that have 2 types of LED strip lighting and multi coloured changeable inner lining velvet fabrics. The floor is laid with ceramic floor tiles that have a metallic surface finish, and a powder-coated expanded metal mesh ceiling. The stand-alone display islands are designed to look like subdivided boxes that are actually cabinet doors or display drawers cladded with recycled timber sheets or varied brass coloured metallic surfaces with back-lit frosted glass top.
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