Universal Robot Arms (Collaborative Robots) by Universal Robots A/S Esben Østergaard
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Engineering and Technical Design Award Winner
Universal Robots was created with the idea of a light robot that is easy to install and program while analyzing the special requirements for robots in the all industries. They could see that heavy, expensive and unwieldy robots dominated robotics and that there was a market for a more user-friendly option that can contribute with 5 benefits to the users: Easy Programing, Flexible Deployment, Fast Set-Up, Collaborative and Safe, Fast payback.
Universal Robots is not just a name. When we say universal we mean it. The UR arms can be implemented in virtually any industry, in any process and by any employee. Around the world, more than 10,000 operating UR robots are testimony to just that and to the clear objective we have had from the very beginning, to make collaborative robot technology accessible to companies of all sizes. With our TUV certified robots by your side, you are in the safest of hands.
Design Challenges
During the developing years, the prototype suffered a falling accident which make them realize that the project was being underestimated and that instead of making the components by two of the participants of the project, it required a high level of quality.
Production Technology
The Methodology was due to prototypes, there were a considerable number of prototypes to be used for demonstrations, the first demo was a three axis robots and the final prototype was a six-axis robot. The name of the project Flexible Robots changed to Universal Robots, Universal Robots first product was the UR5, a six jointed articulated arm robot that revolutionized the market for industrial robots.
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