Change Vacation Hotel Dali (Lodge, Travel) by Donglei Wang
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Tao Yuanming himself favors free and unrestrained rural life without any worries. This becomes the operating principle of Change Vacation Inn simply: to develop a refurbished inn for lodgers to talk about all sorts of subjects freely and converse cheerfully over a glass of wine.
The old and plain compound of Bai nationality, sophisticatedly planned inside, has been practicing the brilliant culture ‘three squares and a screen wall’ in the development of its residence. Modern adornment on the screen wall transforms accordingly over the change of temperature and luminance and matches excellently the ancient Bai’s compound.
Design Challenges
The biggest problem is project duration that the client promised. The existing residences were built by the local people without any reference construction drawings. On one hand, the building was not developed according the hospitality demand, leading the architect to spend much time on dividing functional spaces; on the other hand, discharge capacity was not occupied in the beginning of the old building.
Production Technology
Materials: wood finishes, antique copper, granite, grey marble, timber floor, rustic tile.
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