Life (It Is a Poster) by Hajime Tsushima
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
It is said that the birth of the life is from the sea. This imaged the picture of the wave to come up in an old Japanese painting well. This is the minute design which is possible simply because it is a modern computer technology. The typography we used,is ink painting from Japanese culture.
This client is a company with the history of 100 years in Hiroshima In the Hiroshima atomic bombing of 1945, the factory burned down, and about 50 members died. In late years, many lives are lost suddenly by natural disasters as well as war, I wanted to convey the preciousness of the life. This typography is Japanese. It is written as life in Japanese.
Design Challenges
I believe that the world changes with one piece of only poster. I write this poster as "a life" in Japanese. The person stops by all means and, in front of this poster, sees it. It is said that the birth of the life is from the sea. It is the typography that was totally written like a wave in a small line. I lose death by the natural disaster, death by the war, the life of the person suddenly. Only the war is a peace poster with all a meaning to want you to disappear from the world at least. I believe that the meaning of the poster reached the person who stops, and sees it.
Production Technology
I produced this design using an illustrator. I designed the whole by adjusting thickness of each pass. I always produce it while being conscious of the design which I have not seen so far. Black print appears clearly and is the offset printing that paste of the print has good
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