If You Have The Silent Breeze (Exlibris Calendar) by Steven KH Choi
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Exlibris (Bookplate) was first appeared in Renaissance, as printing material not yet in mass production, books were expensive property only limited to aristocrats or churches. To identify one's books and emphasise the owners' superior status, exlibris would be made with family emblems or in tailor made pattern by painters employed. The word " Exlibris " - meaning "My books" in Latin would usually be included in the pattern. Usually, " Exlibris " would be stuck on the title page of the books. Most Asian have no ideas about Exlibris which we just know about it by chance. Realising the beauty and meaning of exlibris motivates us to introduce it to public as book and art lovers. Since we are now living in a fast paced world that reading and slowing down sounds rather luxury. There are many interesting happenings and the beauty of tradition probably been missed and disappeared out of negligence. We hope to remind people rediscover beauty around us through our work.
If you have【the silent breeze】exlibris calendar shows the 12 illustrations which are created under the key of "silence". With engraving strokes in middle century technique and Scandinavian style, the inquiries and expectations of time are shown among the drawings. The simplicity of colour tone and line art has prospected and reshaped the variable and beauty of time elapse through silence.
Design Challenges
It is rather hard to combine modern printing technology with middle ages drawing techniques, especially nowadays many special printing effect and handmade procedure are no-longer available in Hong Kong.
Production Technology
Complicated Gold foil printing on the stand of the calendar; Perspective book-shape die-cut with golden edges; Specialised printing effect; Soft touch lamination to enhance the touching and reading experience of the calendar
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