Natural Healing Workshop (Office) by Pei-Ying Lee
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Different from most of the offices with cold and plain stereotype, this office, is enclosed by ubiquitous greenery plants on the courtyard, where the designer has delicately created a water-preserved and chill ecosystem by decorating this place with flagstone pavements and pebbles.
A delicately designed bar, on the other side of the courtyard, can be functioned as cooking, eating or eating place, the smartly-designed compound outdoor space that spares the issue of limited indoor space while making customers enjoy the intimate natural environment.
Design Challenges
In this project, the brilliant design ideas have brought the efficiency-seeking modern space to its original unsophisticated characteristics, which integrate the elements of nature, humanity and aesthetics, and put into practice a place affording contentment and security.
Production Technology
The two tall royal Poinciana trees, on the courtyard, with some medium and small plants, give rise to a great landscape. The specific ecological community, on this courtyard, is a perfect and suitable place available for species of insects and birds. At a definite area on the courtyard, the wooden platform and big couches create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.
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