Bebe (Plant Watering Bottle) by Ajay Choudhary
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
Inspiration for this project comes from my own experience. I am myself an amateur gardener and I grow few herbs for daily use. Recently I made small holiday in Singapore, leaving my plants with a temporary watering arrangement. Unfortunately all my plants died upon my return. This led me to investigate whether people have similar experiences as mine. Many gardeners seem to face the same dilemmas and this motivated me to design a solution.
The Bebe smart is an automated plant care system, designed to be an innovative solution to help amateur gardeners forgetting to water their plants. Bebe system works by being filled with water and stuck into the surrounding soil of a potted plant. The unit will automatically dispense water as required for the specific kind of plant that is supposed to be nurtured. Bebe also has smart alert system which timely informs about water level. Plants can be reared healthy with adequate watering.
Design Challenges
The challenge in this project was to realize tangible product based on the user feedback and user behavior analysis. The product had to be conceptualized by taken into consideration possible scenarios it may fail.
Production Technology
The product is equipped with water level sensor technology and water sensitive florescent decals. The product is made with poly carbonate glass and ABS plastic.
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