Tag Tag (Mark Disposable Cups) by Yi Teng Shih's Design Team
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Ease of Use and Universal Design Award Winner
Once after the break in a meeting, I heard a conversation that inspired me to design Tag Tag: I forgot which cup is mine and which is yours. No worries, let’s take two new cups. Does the conversation sound familiar to you? Seriously, that is how we produced so much waste.
Tag tag is designed to distinguish user disposable cup from others, to reduce waste. Both the paper and tag are made from food grade materials. Paper cups in events are often thrown away if mixed up with others. But no one really cares about such waste. Instead of using a marker and pen to sign your name on the cup, you can simply scratch some tag off and make any pattern you like to distinguish yours from others. So after the break between meetings, you can still find your cup.
Design Challenges
To distinguish one’s disposable cup from others.
Production Technology
Food grade paper and food grade scratch off tag.
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