Flies Trap Lid (Coffee Cup Cover) by Li Zhu
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Disposable and Single-Use Product Design Award Winner
According to WHO, every year, more than one million people die from vector borne diseases such as malaria and dengue carried by flies and other vectors. This number really shocked me. So I decide to do something. But flies distributed in everywhere, it is difficult to eliminate at once, and once there is garbage, flies appeared again, this is a continuous battle. So we need a widely distributed, low cost and easy way to catch the flies. I keep thinking this until I drink a cup of coffee, then the idea came out.
This design can prevent the spread of the virus at the lowest cost. It gives a second life to disposable coffee cups. When people finish drinking, just press the trap bottom before throwing. The flies will be easily attracted by the residual coffee smell.
Design Challenges
Button design is the most complex part. Not only need to meet the function, but also need to consider the user's finger size, the possibility of processing, the cost, the transport, and of course the beautiful appearance.
Production Technology
PVC thermoforming processing
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