Dforce (Club) by Yongcai Huang
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
We extract the inspiration we get from the billiards. The game is like a mini story, while opening, competition, climax, ending is the basic structure of a story. With many dramatic elements, from unclear opening to the final outcome, the competition is the charm of the game. D force club attempts to use space to express this status, so that the space is full of dramatic elements where customers can feel different energy.
D force is an entertainment club based on billiards. We hope to express the unknown, competition, climax and ending of the game through the space design. The triangular body formed by the trajectory is the basic element of the space. Through the ratio of density, we express the properties of the game. D-force adopts large amount of grey metals with the large pole as the start point of power. Under the action of power, D-force tries to explain the nature of games through acting force to create an entertainment club which is full of fragment elements, undercurrents and grotesque dramas.
Design Challenges
The most difficult part of this design was to convince the owner to change concept and realize irregular space modelings. This is not the same idea as the conventional bar and the owner has been through a wavering period on business operations. Irregular shapes made the construction difficulty and cost increase.
Production Technology
The space uses massive triangular surface modeling, made with matte grey stainless steel. The drawings of triangular shape modeling must be accurately expressed in the early stage in order to ensure the smooth progress of the construction of the status quo. The nature of the reflection and refraction of the metal material makes it produce good visual feelings with light, which is blurred, illusory and interesting.
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