Z2 and Z3 (Snow Helmets) by Massimo Facchinetti
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Winner
The helmet is been designed as a response of the need of a very light and comfortable helmet, and at the same time safe and reliable, especially in a sport where it is a common concept to dare and go beyond limits. Every single helmet is handcrafted, using Italian skilled labor, respecting the philosophy of the fully made in Italy product. The helmets are accurate in every detail, with innovative color combinations, stylish graphics, colorful and fashionable lines.
Z2 and Z3 are a family of winter helmets designed to be suited for both skiers and snowboarders. Z2 is a helmet with hard ear coverage while Z3 is the version with soft ear pads; two different versions for better performance and acoustic comfort. Z2 and Z3 are sanitized trough an antimicrobial process, which protects against bacteria and fungus. The graphics are unique and customizable. The coating system is environmentally friendly. The Helmets come with quick release visor.
Design Challenges
The design activity, in coordination with the manufacturer, has resulted in a helmet made of innovative materials, with characteristic and recognizable design, such as the use of the shield logo in the shaping of the back extractor, in line with standards approval procedure which guarantee the maximum possible protection. The graphics are deliberately minimal and "stretched" to accentuate the sporty look of the models, in harmony with the inflection lines of the ventilation system of the helmets.
Production Technology
The external shell is made of carbon fiber stratified composite or also made of thermoplastic and the inner shell is made of polystyrene foam with a ventilated structure. The visors are molded and treated with an anti-scratch process. The soft cheeks and the ear pads are made of thermoformed material and faux leather. The padding is made of microfiber fabric with Microsense technology. The decals, entirely applied by hand, give to the helmets of HMR Helmets a fierce and recognizable design.
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