Kamon Teppanyaki (Restaurant) by Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Design concept came up from personal diving adventure experience in Japan. Without fancy cooking tools and ingredients on diving boat, pure taste of freshness was delicious. Moreover, gorgeous 270 Victoria Harbour View leads to a dynamic and lively atmosphere. The spirit of Teppanyaki is enjoy both watching the skilled maneuvers of the chefs preparing the food as well as the cuisine itself. Fusion of Japanese Teppanyaki with French touch on the dishes, enlighten the design with Japanese and French fine dining core spirit - dignified ambiance and detailed decor.
Fine dining is the extraordinary dining experience, combines fabulous food, high quality service, and world class restaurant design. The tastiest food called Freshness. An excellent design can escalate the scene of freshness. Kamon Teppanyaki expresses the design concept Power of the Ocean fully by its selection of materials and design details, bringing the foodie to enjoy the freshness meal. Design also maximize the visualization of the famous harbour view.
Design Challenges
Freshness is a conceptual feeling of human desire, how to present Fresh from interior aspect? Reflective materials are used to recreate illusion of liquidity. Design fully utilized the harbour view without ruined by the mixture of scent and smoke created by Teppanyaki stove. The design allows mass air press in-out by a rising platform and ceiling. Huge air circulation takes place at the ducts in platform and the ceiling to ensure the air-conditioning and air quality are good. Moreover, the single-in and single-out air hole at the cooking stove reduces the amount of smoke.
Production Technology
Fish scales like ceiling mirror, reflection of bronzed wall with white stone made and bronze fishes decoration, smooth line dancing on the marble table, interactive movable feature wall of the corridor shows the Dynamic and Power of Ocean. Same level of the dining table and the Teppanyaki steel stove increase the affinity with chef, communication and interaction with chef will enhance dining experience and a personalized taste fits the definition of fine dining.
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