Aouda 63 (Motor Yacht) by Sarp Yachts
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Winner
We want to create a motor yacht with its emotional and high-tech features, embodies our Sarp Yachts philosophy of sensual purity where functionality and comfort take centre stage. A balanced true explorer vessel with masculine exterior design and an incredibly original, organic, warm yet luxurious interior.
Sharp and elegant proportion declined from architectural and functional concepts; a true way of being an explorer vessel with a strong contrast between functionality and pure forms of beauty. Inspired by the military vessels elements, it translates them into new modern design features, while some other details are a typical of a modern motor yacht, such as the master suite volume, completely dedicated to the owner, offering him the entire foredeck for his exclusive use. Huge exterior spaces and quite different use of the interior decks, this is what Aouda is all about.
Design Challenges
The yacht gives immediately a first impression and only at a second stage you may discover its other aspects, which you would not expect. You can surely tell it is a yacht though to navigate in any condition and then you start noticing all its design elements, which for sure elevate it from an explorer vessel to a true contemporary yacht. Steel details, toys, cozy interiors and spacious cabins; aspects which will make you say it is a spectacular project.
Production Technology
The yacht is designed to be manufactured with steel hull and aluminum superstructure.
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