Nissan Gt-R (Brochure) by Tomohira Kodama
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
・GT-R is a special car and is not displayed at any Nissan dealers. The actual car is available at the showroom at some special dealers. ・GT-R 2017 model has further evolved exterior, interior and performance. ・However most people are not able to see the actual car at first hand. ・This made us think to create a brochure making people feel as if they were seeing the actual car.
・Nissan GT-R is a supercar that has been pursuing ultimate driving pleasure. It is a flagship model representing Nissan brand. ・The overwhelming performance and excellent quality are evolved further in 2017 model. ・This brochure is created to communicate the evolution intuitional and convincing. ・An inspirational approach is taken for fascinating product presentation with an idea to have people to see the evolution level carefully and to make a valuation.
Design Challenges
・What kind of brochure can make GT-R’s evolution to be intuitional and convincing? ・A process of trial and error was repeated until we found out the solution of using one-side foldout to have nearly 1-meter long spread. ・Being able to confirm the evolved difference from GT-R in the past as if looking at the actual car in person. ・All of vehicle body and interior images are created by 3DCG, but they have perfect quality and are nearly indistinguishable with the real ones.
Production Technology
・Vivid orange color is chosen for the vehicle body to create strong impression of GT-R’s exterior. ・The black background makes GT-R figure sharper. ・The sky is shown in the black background, and this adds an emotional feeling to the inorganic black color. With this, impression of GT-R’s extended presence is created. ・All of vehicle body and interior images are created by 3DCG and the beauty and high-quality feeling of the car are perfectly reproduced by using background reflections and glare effectively.
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