Reconnecting The Human Relationships (Office) by Chia-Hung Weng
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The designer, in this project, makes the law firm a space with home atmosphere. Everyone working here cares about further the heart-warming interactions when offering their professional services.
On the basis of the cold white reflecting the daylight, the large ceiling windows and glass walls create the bright atmosphere. These walls have brought before people the great view and outlined the boundaries among the small and medium areas.
Design Challenges
The crossed light belts and display wall isolate the working and public areas. The outer and inner display walls are designed with the consistent skill. The lattice ceiling, and the logs and artificial floors segregate the pathway, the reception area, meeting are, bar, and office. Every working unit is available for meeting and gathering. The stylish bar, big back plate, thin black iron bars, and the irregular shapes of wallpapers are of great focus.
Production Technology
The exposed concrete and glass express the composed and silent atmosphere in the grey space. With the applications of recessed light belts, the designer ubiquitously paints the entire space with dark and light grey, dark blue and black, and decorates the entire space with logs furniture, potted plants, wooden materials, sculptures, and a modern bike. The carpets and cloth couches well balance the intense space. The major style is of no showing off and the all personnel are of great value in the space.
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