Simple Intelligent Space (Office) by Jingyi Cai
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
One day, I opened the magazine to see the works of Andy Warhol, I like his use of color. I firmly believe that less is more, so in this project I try to remove an office does not need to function, but also to remove a large number of unnecessary materials and processes, including color.
The project is located in the commercial center of Shimen,Hongkong,China. Area of about 3000 square meters, is a young technology company's office. This design used very simple colors and lines as design elements,the office used of white, yellow, gray three colors and a large number of materials in line, also try to use more simple materials and processes. The commercial center of the office is very expensive, but we are still bold to put a lot of space for leisure, relaxing area.
Design Challenges
At the beginning of the customer request this design can accommodate 80 employees at the same time work, after our observation found that the customer company only need to accommodate 40 employees at the same time work can be. So we spent a lot of time to collect various data to persuade the guests to set more rest space, more motion space for employees, we believe that a relaxed working environment can improve the staff's creativity, the Internet technology company is the case. In the construction process, the most difficult thing is to select the material. We try to choose more warm material, use a lot of wood and resin materials. We don't want to use too many cold materials, such as stone, metal, concrete, etc.. There is a difficulty of different materials using the same color, in order to minimize the color difference we will cooperate with different manufacturers for our small batch production we need to color, which is a waste of time to work.
Production Technology
The interior design mainly used wood, metal, glass, acrylic and other materials. We do not want the entire design of the material and unnecessary use of the design, in the division of space when we try to take a transparent and thin material, which can make the space appear larger. In the use of color, we boldly use clean yellow and white as the basis of color. The difficulty lies in the design of different materials to do the same color, and color differences as small as possible.
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