Empire Recording Studio-Frost Creative (Website) by Gary Frost
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Website and Web Design Award Winner
Our inspiration for the design came from the interior of the studio itself. The decor nods to the vintage gentleman clubs of old. With our website design we wanted to ensure the elements we used complimented the studio. As the design is image led, it was imperative everything worked in harmony. We used a vintage typeface, subtle touches of ornamental features with the identity and navigation elements, plus a subtle texture and vibrant accent colour orange that matched the decor.
This is a bespoke design and build of a fully responsive website. The website promotes the music studio to it's customers by way of traditional content but also a unique video and specialist photography tailored to its audience. As soon as a user visits the website a video plays, providing them with a unique experience of watching people using the studio and its facilities in a compelling way. Every page is a gallery with beautiful photography so no stone is left unturned.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to create a leading website with minimal budget. So we simplified the website structure and content management facility to invest money into video and photography. Images say a 1000 words so we felt the best way to showcase the studio facilities was with video and imagery. Hardly any words are required as the visuals aesthetic says enough
Production Technology
Strategic research into the customer and what they are looking for when booking a recording facility via their desktop or smart device. The basics were images, costs and location. The site had to be responsive, users had to get the same experience and feeling from any device. Using a mobile first approach to the design we ensured the website was developed to work on any device, every time. We deployed the latest javascript technologies and combined this with the latest HTML 5 and CSS code on top of a bootstrap frame work, yes this site does not work in Internet Explorer in the same way as Chrome. But who uses Explorer anymore. The CMS is Wordpress platform
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