Heart (Bike Hanger) by Martin Foret
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Personal needs plus principles in contemporary interiors. It was desire to create object, which will looks nice even in the case, that bike is not there and it will looks that nothing miss there.
The Hearth is designated for city bikes. Its function is intentionally hidden into the interior accessory. Even though it looks very light and airy, it can really carry a lot thanks to its shape, which will release the weight equally on the wall. The hanging of the bike is dealt with in a very sophisticated way - the bike slides itself into its ideal position and you don't have to worry about hitting an exact point. Hanger has 4 plastic tubes in same color as entire Heart for protection bike.
Design Challenges
First part was a looking for shape, which will be cool, timeless and how to hide main function on this shape. Structure of triangles is perfect for distribution of weight. After final prototype, most difficult part was a looking for right suppliers, who provide the best quality. All part are produced in Czech Republic bespoke, even plastic tubes.
Production Technology
Metal weldment and 4 elements have plastic tubes in the same color as metal construction of hanger.
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