Insitu Festival (Visual Identity) by Siri Lindskrog
2016 - 2017, Silver A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The inspiration is the concept and location of the festival. Insitu means "in place" and the concept is to show dance pieces created in relation to specific places at the waterfront in NYC. Therefore the visual identity plays with dimensions in a typographic concept that puts words in a space, relating them to their surroundings. The visual expression is inspired from the modern and playful architecture on the waterfront. The colours are inspired from the water and the summer weather.
The visual identity is build on a versatile and flexible typographic concept, which is being used in various ways across many medias. This concept gives the festival a recognisable, yet variating visual expression.
Design Challenges
It was a challenge to create a design that appeals to the very broad target group of the festival. I had to find the balance point where it's interesting to people who are already very artistically developed, but still approachable for people with less artistic interest. There were many interests involved.
Production Technology
Most of the print material (posters, flyers, banners, etc) have been printed on white coated paper.
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