The Breathing House (Dynamic Facade of Sliding Terraces) by Joao Silva
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Futuristic Design Award Winner
The concept is described as being similar to a treasure flower, a south african plant that blooms in the morning and closes its petals at night. A house that breathes and shields it's habitants from the natural elements and at the same time bring them closer to them.
Imagined as a dynamic living system,the breathing house is a three storey eco-sustainable family home whose glass facade is segmented into a series of sliding terraces.The system works by means of a large metal grid that serves as an anti-sismic external skeleton for the structure(the frame allows to conduct cabling and collect rainwater).Sliding out a terrace, however, extends the internal room into a dynamic balcony.The windows are made of solar glass cells providing all the energy needs.
Design Challenges
Capitalizing on the prominence of the site location. Exploring the concept of icon in the built environment. Creating a new perspective for a 21st century home. Rethinking our view on living and working in a home. Investigating measures of sustainability in residential living. Preserving and enhancing the history and nature of the local neighborhood and community.
Production Technology
All the materials used for this concept are 100 percent eco sustainable.
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