Amaro 33 (Grappa-Based Liqueur) by YG Design Design agency
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The creative inspiration behind the packaging was related to mixing the classical codes of this type of drink with a very contemporary touch to attract a young public objective. Being a new product of the distillery, it was key to outstand at the selling points, being noticed and communicating the public the fact that it is not a traditional distillate. An attractive packaging according to the objective public was the basis of this project.
Amaro is a grappa- based liqueur. This product is the spearhead of a change towards a major updating of the manufacturer which allows an improvement in the distillery profile regarding other traditional-style products. The objective was to enter with this product in the world of high-quality amaros, as well as to achieve a position from an innovative stand, expecting to be seen as contemporary, functional, avant-garde and simple at the same time.
Design Challenges
The first challenge was going into the world of distilled beverages. This was a whole new world for us to explore and we were very excited. It was a big challenge and we knew there was no room for error. We had to use innovative techniques to show that this was no ordinary Amaro. Amaro 33 has a very distinctive flavor that stems from different and singular ingredients. The second challenge was to design an attractive and unusual label. We wanted consumers to realize that the design hid something, something that could not be readily perceived. We used glow-in-the-dark ink to account for all those special hidden flavors. Lastly, we embarked on a detailed technical work to overcome the third big challenge: designing the bottle. We came up with a unique bottle, which was completely different from the ones previously used at the distillery in terms of shape, color, and style. We took up this huge challenge as a team, working closely with our client. The result was very successful.
Production Technology
Packaging Substrate:Plastic Printing Process : Flexography, Screen printing, Foil stamping, Glow in the dark
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