Different Everyday (Calendar) by Xiying Bao
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The elements in this calendar stem from the buildings in Tongji University in Shanghai, China. I deeply admire the modern and unique architecture style in campus and I can often be inspired by the academic atmosphere and interaction created by these buildings. That's why I distracted the outline of the architectures as my design ideas. Tongji University is celebrating its 110 anniversary in 2017, which is why this calendar is designed exclusively.
The lines of the drawings stretch out of the picture serving as hooks. Users use pen to connect the dots in sequence day by day. At the end of each month, the incomplete drawings will be finished. Therefore, both practicality and elements of inspiration is included in this design.
Design Challenges
Initially, I distract the icons of each famous building in the campus, for my design will be based on them. When I finally decided to make a calendar, I was really confused. My first version was not attractive like this one at all. It was a rather normal calendar with all the dates on it in an usual layout. Until one day I came across a book that teach children to draw (there were dots on each page, all you need to do is to connect them), and this kind of engagement and interaction really inspired me to create my work. I will bring surprise and inspiration to people through this calendar. People will also create their own calendar in their personal style, and make a difference everyday.
Production Technology
Paper , wood Adobe Illustration
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