Pine (Lobby) by Yiming Li
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Mount Huang Shan is the most famous mountain in China. It stretches hundreds of miles, with lots of pines upon the hills. The shapes of the pines look like persons who are welcoming the guests from afar. One of the pines is widely known and named as welcome-pine. As the lobby of a 5A grade office building, this project design is inspired by the welcome-pine. Four pillars and connected beams are decorated to the shape of the welcome-pine and symbolize the space welcome all the visiting guests and working staff.
Mirror stainless steel is adopted to decorate the columns and beams to welcome-pine sculpture shapes. It creates modern art atmosphere into the lobby . The floor is designed in vitrified tiles imported from Italy with Traditional Chinese Ink Painting Impressions. The whole space combines modern western sculptures and materials art to reflect traditional Chinese culture.
Design Challenges
The owner required quite tight builing period. The size of the mirror stainless steel is large. 3D printing technology is adopted to guranttee the precise size and convinient installation.
Production Technology
The perforated metallic panels are adopted for sound absorption and avoiding the echo in the lobby. The floor in vitrified tiles instead of marble is to reduce the costly daily maintenance for marble. Under the floor, a radiant heating system was designed to guarantee the comfortable temperature and lower the heating cost in the lobby in the winter.
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