Kin Ju (Japanese Restaurant) by Sio Hoi Che
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The name of the restaurant, Kin Ju is referred as the golden tree. Inspired by its name and the Japanese art and craft, the whole grand and graceful concept is perfectly achieved through the harmonious combination of the interior design and high-quality material. The idea of the golden leaf tree around is to form an immediate connection between the restaurant and its name.
A golden leaf tree is planted in a Japanese style garden revealed the name of the restaurant, Kin Ju - Golden tree. Great attention is given to the styles, colors, and small details, to ensure that the whole space is flawless. The design has focused on providing a unique dining experience for the customer who visited. Through the combination of modern elements and traditional colors, the design perfectly represented the gorgeous and elegant theme of this restaurant.
Design Challenges
The design has focused on providing a unique dining experience for the customer who visited.
Production Technology
With the dominant colors of black and gold, integrated with the other colors; the whole design has exuded a luxurious, elegant and modern atmosphere.The design team has further chosen the lake blue color for the chair to create a sense of cleanness and calmness that suitable for any occasion. The design of this project also influenced by Japanese’s art and craft, especially the special design sliding door. By interacting modern elements with traditional culture, the sliding door has combined decorative and functionality together.
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