Mini1 (Baofeng Mini1 Is a Portable Projector) by Qiang Geng
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
BaoFeng Mini1 is a portable projector, no matter where you go, whether you exposure to the environment, ultra-portable projector can bring you a wonderful audio-visual experience. The round aluminum housing protects the internal components of the product. Through the rotation of the shell to the user to bring a new interactive experience, clockwise rotation of the shell can open the light machine, counterclockwise rotation shell, but start the Bluetooth alone listening function.
BaoFeng Mini1 cast cleverly turn the boot mode, the first no key, shaft interactive design;The world's first magnetic adsorption stent design, 360 degrees heart cast, from the facade to the top 0 to 90 degrees full coverage.
Design Challenges
To meet the use of the premise, the compact body can better reduce the waste of processing and manufacturing resources, small packaging, improve transport efficiency while greatly reducing the waste of social resources, BaoFeng MINI1 can replace the mobility of different rooms in the family The demand for television, reduce the demand for home TV hardware investment.
Production Technology
Round aluminum shell, the product internal components for better protection, the use of 7 series of aviation aluminum, 220 ceramic sandblasting oxidation process to make products more delicate and delicate products at the same time better weather resistance; bottom of the magnetic absorption process , You can make the use of more simple and natural, gently put, you can accurately and secure positioning installation.
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