Avanti Gara (Elegant Car) by Ross Compton
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Winner
New exotic cars are all the same. The great designs from these companies certainly excite me. But only temporarily, they don't stir the senses. They all kind of fall into the same styling category. It becomes boring. I have always been obsessed with past designs of Formula One cars. Therefore decided to make a car that suited the styling for this era while also appealing to the modern man and woman. Not produced for figures or profits but for the shear fact that this needs to exist.
Avanti is a traditional racer. It is not practical and it is not the most technologically advanced. Its honest and utterly beautiful. It is designed to be in a category of its own with a target market more concerned about appearance than track times. It delivers joy and caters to self indulgence. With a dash that appears to hold individual watch style dials it is meant to delight the user and make them feel special. Harking back to an era where design freedom reigned. This is natural elegance.
Design Challenges
The biggest obstacle to overcome is funding. While the car is fully realised it has yet to be produced further. A prototype will be the next stage in the process however to do this funds need to be raised. It is imperative that the design remains the same and keeps its unique character and to do this, the funding needs to be large as expensive materials will be used. As well as this the manufacturing process will be time consuming, with many parts needing to be individually milled out.
Production Technology
The Avanti has a two tone aluminium body, peppered with rivets and venting. The signature 3 dot vents along the side at the rear are set in a copper surround. This provides a focal point as well as ample venting for the engine that sits directly behind the driver. It is placed close to the centre to achieve great weight distribution.
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