Pe34 (Office Tower) by sanzpont [arquitectura]
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
PE34 cutting edge image, is achieved by a sustainable design, with a high value of environmental responsibility, an elegance aesthetic resulting in a high level of comfort for its users and promoting the image of the business. Design to follow architectural hedonism to create different experiences and comfort before, during and after the workday of all users. Easy urban accessibility and bicycle parking. Access square with fountains, vegetation and relaxation areas. Flexible and comfortable diaphanous working spaces. Bistro and gardens to take breaks and rest. Ideal Lighting and thermal comfort to enhance work productivity. Fitness center to promote healthy living and a Roof top bar for social gatherings after the work day.
The futuristic design evokes concepts such as innovation and sustainability with the intention of creating a unique building. It stands with a clean and elegant skin and glass facade that opens into vertical gardens on some levels The overall volume of the tower is conceived to engage in a dialogue with Rafael Moneo's "Puig Tower" which is located across the street. PE34 uses a similar color and material scheme as Moneo's tower, creating a visual balance between the two structures to be understand as a single entity.
Design Challenges
The challenge in this project was to integrate the futuristic design of the building with a sustainable approach while retaining the right touch of elegency and comfort in the design that promotes a business image and productivity.
Production Technology
The structure is conceived as a simple pillar system with a concrete core. The two-way slab (Holedeck) is a system of voided concrete slabs that can be pierced through their thickness by services and plumbing systems, drastically reducing up to 20% the height required to accommodate these building components. By reducing the necessary height of each floor, fewer materials are required to achieve the same floor area as in a typical high-rise building. The geometry of the floor provides excellent acoustic performance which absorbs a wide range of the sound spectrum.
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