Health Dandelion (Hotel) by Yiming Li
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Our inspiration stems from dandelion, the dandelion fluttering in the breeze symbolizes health and vitality, which conforms to the theme of the hotel. The ground in the atrium uses the carpets with lawn pattern, plants along the staircase extends from the ground to the top, guests can feel the sunshine and outdoor surroundings. We designed the dandelion shape carpets and wallpaper in the corridors and rooms, This can strengthen the atmosphere of health and vitality.
The original building is a small shopping mall with a great depth, and the owner needs to be transformed into a healthy consulting hotel. There are many rooms without sunlight in the conventional layout. We convince the owners that three floors have been removed from the top to form a daylighting atrium. Bath or foot bath, near the window layout, the room is also very bright and warm. Each space is full of warm and comfortable light, which is the core design features of the whole project.
Design Challenges
It is a challenge to print the carpet in large area by computer. After the continuous communication and proofing with carpet manufacturers and computer printers, the final work is well done.
Production Technology
The whole building uses an air purification system, which is important for health. The walls of the corridor are made of diatom mud which can absorb harmful substances in the air. The carpet custom design uses the computer printing craft, the cost is quite low.
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