Univet 5.0 (Safety Smart Glasses) by Fabio Borsani
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award Winner
There are no smartglasses available on the market dedicated to industrial and professional use. The inspiration comes from a protective goggle, 6X3, of the Univet portfolio, which has a in-depth ergonomic, superior comfort and excellent wearability, panoramic lens can be perfectly worn over prescription glasses, exclusive UDC coating, possibility to quickly replace the lens with a special release, facial support compatible with half masks, additional facial protection, indirect ventilation system
A specifically designed pair of safety glasses, light, comfortable, safe, equipped with the holographic waveguide technology for the most comprehensive augmented reality experience dedicated to the industrial and professional use. A safety eyewear designed to comply with EN 166 and ANSI safety standards, Over-Spec in order to accommodate operator’s existing prescription glasses, provides monocromatic information with a monocular projection system with a 3D adjustable position to fit several pupillary distance and different application needs.
Design Challenges
to place into a pair of glasses which must comply with strict safety standards, an optical engine for Augmented Reality
Production Technology
The 5.0 Univet model is the aesthetic / technical / functional result obtained using Know-How and the thirty-year experience in the field of personal protective equipment for eye protection, coupled with the choice of the most productive materials and construction techniques able to meet the requirements project inputs that were: • Fitting: obtained by designing and modeling the device directly to 3D on a "normalized CE and Ansi" head. The full knowledge of the materials has allowed the project to obtain a perfect fit both with Western or Asian morphology, offering a design that is always in direct relation to the sections of the eyewear and the various areas (for example the temples) that had to deform in controlled motion to avoid excessive pressure on the head while maintaining perfect stability in the frontal area. • Lightness: Made with materials such as "Grilamid TR90 LXS", which guarantees chemical resistance, an excellent twist modulus, a low specific weight and a guarantee of "reliability and product resistance" even with reduced sections. • Portability: obtained through a design that takes into account the various weight balance to be positioned because, for technical needs, part of the electronics and the viewing module are placed on one side of the product. The possibility of adjusting the nose also allows to balance and distribute all weights in a balanced manner on the head. • Functions: obtained by designing an intuitive system in the settings (nose and holographic module) and in the interchangeability of the components (for example the lens)
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