Centrestage 2016 (Organizer Spaces) by Jason Cheung
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Event and Happening Design Award Winner
The concept Starlight Transform actually derived from the event’s main mission as the place for finding new fashion stars. The visitors’ journey starts with a 3.5m high exploding star-like sculpture at the concourse entry. The materials used to construct this glowing sculpture were subtly reassembled into different configurations throughout the visitors’ journey. These various formats would provide the neutral backdrop to house the various fashion brands being communicated in the space.
A fashion marketing fair called Centrestage was launched at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to promote 192 contemporary fashion brands. Due to the many styles of brands involved, the organizer requested an impartial yet unique approach to elevate the overall image for its organizer’s spaces, such as the entrance concourse and inside the exhibition hall’s main avenue and open arena. For this, an abstract design concept titled Starlight Transform was born.
Design Challenges
The most challenging part was finding the right design language to uplifted the overall ambience of the event space and yet able to accommodate the many varied fashion brands. Finally we decided upon an abstract approach, Starlight Transform. We basically dissected a star shape into many structural variations to create the overall spatial experience. Examples such as the gridded tunnel inside the hall and vertical strip lighting sporadically placed to complete the open arena.
Production Technology
Our objective was to avoid using heavy wooden structures to reduce the amount of onsite wastage. Therefore, the glowing sculptures and other linear structural formats were made from metal hollow sections and recycled after the event. All the walls were made with stretched vinyl covering and lightweight reusable aluminium systems. The 3.5m high L E D screens and audio & visual equipment were hired. Biodegradable carpets were also used for this event.
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