Woom Bikes (Lightweight Children Bikes) by Christian Bezdeka
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Winner
As dedicated fathers and cyclists we have been confronted with the problem of finding suitable bikes for our children. Since I have had knowledge within the bicycle industry I knew, that we can fix that problem on our own. After long research and analyzing the physics and needs of children, we developed six different bikes for children between one and half up to 14 years. Now we try to make our bikes even better.
We build high-quality, award-winning and lightweight bikes for children of all ages. Developed with Passion as designers with eyes for detail, we spent six years (and counting) crafting an ideal bike for children. The result are six lightweight, high-quality Woom Bikes for children of all ages, starting at one and half and going up to 14-year-old young adults. And we still have plenty to do.
Design Challenges
As the company started as a small start-up, the biggest challenge was to develop the best possible children bike we could imagine with the limited manpower and financial support we had in the beginning. But focusing all the energy in developing a good product was paying off quickly since we gained a good reputation amongst the customers. Happy customers recommended our bikes to others and helped bringing more bikes to avid young cyclists around the world.
Production Technology
Constant questioning, experimentation and optimization directly on the bike is challenging us daily. 85% of our bike parts are developed by us inhouse and produced individually and exclusively for woom. This results in bikes that are tailor-made for the anatomy and needs of children and weigh 40% less than conventional children's bikes. The frames are made from of high-quality AA-6061 aluminum and for the components we use forged aluminum.
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