Brooklyn Laundreel (Laundry Belt Indoor) by Tomohiro Horibe
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
For laundry, dry outside under the sun is the best, but in these days, we have some difficulty to dry outside. PM 2.5, air pollution, hay fever, also sudden squall, privacy issue in downtown area, life style change working until late night are all our problem. Instead of using dry machine, just dry inside room is popular in Japan. Save energy, no shrink or damage clothes. However, we do not have smart gear for that. I would like to solve this by making new good design product.
Laundry belt for interior use, compact body smaller than paperback just like tape measure, all white clean finish and smooth no sharp edge detail, no screw on surface. when we use this, pull out the belt and lock at any length, max 4m length. the belt has holes total 29, and holes can keep each coat hanger. laundry item max load 15 kg, strong enough. 2 pcs of hook and 180 rotary body allow 2 way use in 1 room. It is also possible to hang a coat hanger on this special hook.
Design Challenges
In order to combine the body cover made of ABS resin, screw fixing was necessary, but I did not want to expose the screw on the surface. By making the screw hole deeper and covering with the magnet, the surface design was kept clean. And it became fixed without fluctuation when storing the main body with the magnet.
Production Technology
The most important parts is the belt. It has to be strong enough for hanging many wet clothes and towels, etc.. It has to be clean and safe too. We adopted the belt conveyor material used in the food factory. It has HACCP certification and antibacterial, anti-mold treatment polyurethane, it's very strong. Inside body, we adopt a strong aluminum die casting gear and a spring which clears the durability test of over 10,000 times. We say maximum hanging load is 15 kg, but actual strength is more than 45 kg. we did several loading or tensile strength test. Each user does not measure the total weight of laundry item, 15 kg means to keep safety usability and long-term durability.
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