Xupin (Office) by Guoxing Jiang
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
I hope that my employees can enjoy themselves in the office and love their job. I wish my employees to smell fresh ,pure, nature flavor, not the pungent smell of paint. Meanwhile I like them to feel wonders and interests of nature , not the dull atmosphere of the office. So I integrated a lot of natural elements into the design.
I integrated original ecological zen studies into my design to create a more thoughtful and intellectual working space. Besides, another important theme of the case is environmental protection: old boards are widely used instead of traditional emulsion paint and wallpaper; The partition of the meeting room adopts green second-hand hollowed-out wooden windows; Instead of using traditional ceiling panels, the hall ceiling was decorated by simple, elegant bamboo.
Design Challenges
I used a lot of original material in this design. So the first thing when I finished my design is looking for those second-hand material. Another big project is doing preservation process and anticorrosive treatment to the material.
Production Technology
The material used in this design is very simple, some of which is recovery and utilization. The main material are black floor tile, tile, old board, tenuous bamboo, black metal tube, etc. The whole design is aim to create a scene of Jiangnan Watertown. So the black floor tile are used to make the feeling of being on the water more lifelike. Meanwhile withered wood, reeds, straw are properly used to make person feel like being at beautiful Jiangnan, simple and unadorned country.
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