Oases (Restaurant) by Sheela Pawar
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
The design inspiration came from the desire to transform underutilized space into dynamic restaurant concepts.
The design concepts evoke iconic neighborhoods and locations in the New York and New Jersey area. -Oeno Wine Bar by Chef Kevin Pemoulie -Surf by Chef Josh Capon -Wanderlust Burger Bar by Chef Josh Capon -Proof by Chef John Delucie -The Happy Clam by Chef Mario Carbone -Caps Beer Garden by Dale Talde
Design Challenges
The main challenge of this project was space. The corridors were long and narrow and a great deal of thought was given to look, feel and guest interaction.
Production Technology
Six long corridors that contained moving walkways have been repurposed to create oasis areas that feature world class food and beverage offerings. Each oasis space has a different restaurant or bar and is approximately 10ft wide x 150ft long. Going beyond simple structural solutions, we created a unique sense of place, even commissioning renowned artists to create site-specific pieces that were implemented into the structure.
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