Crooked For You (Album Artwork) by Alain Aebersold
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
I wanted to work with a crooked and surreal landscapes. I got a lot of inspiration from old science fiction illustrations of others worlds. Worlds with landscapes that aren't seen on earth, something special, and at the same time familiar. Another inspiration were all the iconic music artworks. Artworks like " The Dark Side of the Moon" from Pink Floyd or "Unkown Pleasures" from Joy Division. Something that sticks in people heads. Something that become one with the music.
I had the honor to design the third album artwork for the swiss rock music band "Death by Chocolate". The title "Crooked for you" inspired me to use a metaphor of a perfect sphere, but which is crooked at some parts. The crooked parts of the sphere shows a another kind of beauty to the beholder. So the ability of showing a crooked side of something leads sometimes to another, more intimate kind of beauty.
Design Challenges
The hardest thing with this project was to work with a new software. I really wanted to work with a 3D software to build the world and the sphere, but I didn't want this typical 3D look. So I tried a lot to get a more unique and timeless look.
Production Technology
For the landscape and the sphere I worked with a 3D software. It was a new technology for me to work with, but it also enabled new possibilities. I didn't want this typical 3D look, I wanted something more timeless. So I tried a recreate older styles, but paired with this new technology.
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