Anti-Glitch Foundation (Corporate Identity) by Andre Arruda
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Anti-Glitch Foundation is a post-production company and we were asked to develop a new visual identity to represent the technological, creative and automated process behind the brand services. Our research and exploration process lead us to a rich visual universe inspired by the 8 bit language; the incomprehension and inconsistency left by glitches; and the half-tones present on low-res technology. We also incorporated many film structures' concepts such as fragments, montage, exaggeration and conflict, as the fundamental basis for the entire visual system, increasing the narrative within the brand.
With all the visual concepts in mind, an experimental font was completely developed, where each letter is made out of the combination of the two weights on the font set (A and B), bringing all the inspirations together and creating a unique, vibrant and tactile visual universe to be applied throughout the entire brand visual materials and communication.
Design Challenges
Our main challenge was to get inside the clients' mind during the research and creative process and understand he's very personal view about the company. When he first came to the studio, we had to learn a lot about the company background, services and specially the owners view about what and how he wants to change the industry. That was a very labor intense process but also, at the same time, an amazing and powerful creative fuel for us to dive in, pushing the identity to a bold and vibrant result.
Production Technology
Since the the custom-made font is the main player on this project, our method and process during its creation was based in exploring different visual languages until the final idea was conceived and approved.
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