Mindpalace (Visual Identity) by Alexander Kirzhbaum
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Mindpalace is the place when all your ideas are kept. It is like rooms full of thoughts and ideas. I was inspired by this idea and created characters, which represent these rooms.
Mindpalace is an edutainment-bureau based in Moscow. The authors of the project Ira and Slava debunk the stereotype that lectures are boring. They come up with themes and give lectures about the coolest ideas in the history of mankind on different sites of Moscow in the summertime, and record video podcasts in winter. As I’ve been charged with the positive attitude of the founders of the Mindpalace edutainment bureau and the concept of the project itself, I decided that the guys themselves should be in the center of attention of the identity. And in graphic language they became the characters. A character is a frame. Any necessary content can be placed inside. It is able to transform for any medium. The identity of the Mindpalace is quite flexible, unique and recognizable, it creates a whole new universe of heroes and stories.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to be different from other educational content offline and online, yet be recognised as one. The aim was to represent edutainment approach to education.
Production Technology
Templates for posters and social media, business cards, pins, press wall.
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