Zesoup (Instant Cream Soups) by Elvira Firsova
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
What inspired me the most while creating this design is that the product should be tasty, useful and quick to prepare. The design turned out to be bright and tasty, awakening desire to buy and try. We have developed packages taking into account that it will be convenient for a takeaway wherever the consumer is. Moreover the package takes up little space. All 3 types of packaging belong to the same product line and are composed of the consumer's taste preferences.
Branded packaging for instant soups was created with a focus on people who are watching their nutrition, are dynamic and want a quick and delicious snack. We wanted something a bit ostentatious to separate it from other instant soups that are marketed as a cheap meal fix because our soup is made with the finest dehydrated products available. The design of the packaging used images of fresh bright vegetables that shows the naturalness and beauty of the product.
Design Challenges
The task to surprise and interest is perhaps the main goal of the project. At the first stage of development of the front part of the package the customer provided a huge amount of text. For us this became a big challenge because the text did not even fit in a reasonable size of the side. We had to take responsibility and make a design that completely contradicted the original request. We were 98% sure that the customer will be satisfied. That’s what happened, the whole team on the part of the customer was delighted and grateful to us for this bold step.
Production Technology
While creating this package we’ve been carefully selecting images of vegetables that would match the internal composition of the product. As well as we have added images of the finished product that causes the consumer's appetite. With the help of icons on the reverse side we showed the naturalness of the product and took out its main advantages. All the colors were chosen to arouse the interest and trigger certain consumer associations.
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