Insta360 One (Vr Action Camera) by Benjamin Kwok
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
We want to make a powerful and portable device, which can handle all the task need to create a VR video for consumers. Now the form of VR telling is still growing, we believe that such a convenient camera just came on a right time.
The Insta360 ONE is the most versatile 360 camera ever. Compact and intuitive, it offers standalone use, remote control via Bluetooth, and direct connection to a phone for 360 live-streaming. It also introduces FreeCapture, a unique way to re-capture a 360 experience as a traditional video.
Design Challenges
Benjamin Kwok did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Insta360 One Vr Action Camera.
Production Technology
The Insta360 ONE's primary material is a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, which girders two lacquered polycarbonate faces. Weighing in at just 82 grams and sporting a 1/4"-20 screw slot, as well as an onboard gyroscope for six-axis image stabilization, the ONE is ideal for mounting on helmets or vehicles in adventure-sports uses, or for simply carrying with you wherever you go. The aluminum also serves to quickly disperse any heat generated by the ONE's processor-intensive 4K 360 video recording and 24-megapixel 360 photo capture. Each of the ONE's two lenses are composed of eight-element arrays, made with multi-coated barium-crown glass. These specialized lenses ensure 100% transparency and prevent the over-exposure and white-balance problems that plague many 360 cameras at the edge of the lens. Meanwhile, the coating process also makes the lenses oleophobic, so that unwanted smudges and fingerprints can be easily and quickly removed. The two F2.2 lenses are offset from one another on either side of the ONE, achieving a balance that allows for both a compact form and the interior space necessary to house two sophisticated camera modules. On the inside, the ONE sports two 16-megapixel 1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensors and a high-efficiency Ambarella processor, which make quick work of capturing brilliantly crisp 360 photos and videos. Because the ONE is meant to be used in a diverse range of active scenarios, it undergoes a battery of quality-assurance tests. These include an extreme temperature test that cycles the device through alternating highs and lows of 70° C and -40° C, a 76-centimeter drop test, and endurance tests that ensure the longevity of its quick-release Lightning connector, Micro-USB charging dock and power button – which each go through 3,000 repetitive uses. A 30-minute-long extreme shock test also ensures that the ONE maintains complete structural integrity and seamless operation while mounted during frenetic usage. Finally, an optional waterproof-housing accessory, effective to a depth of 30 meters, is precisely calibrated to ensure a seamless stitch even with the added refraction caused by the case.
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