East Dawning (Sales Center) by HUIZE Ma
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Oriental people like to use wood to build, from the white house to Zhu floor, from the temple to the temple, dynasty, family prosperity, repair, reconstruction ... ... wood grade distinction, and the nature is no difference. The wood material itself and the relationship of people are multiple: with nature, with time. Its own life, there is temperature Space should also be accompanied by a kind of elegant atmosphere to. Inside clean, serene, while vibrant. People in which to see the clouds go
At the beginning of the concept of interior construction concept, as a primer. Start a streamlined wall,Through the turning, stretching, etc., so that the wall floating in the space. Array of acrylic sticks, so that the visual extension, a new attitude. The middle of the deep bronze device to truss structure geometric modeling, abstracting the connection of another layer of space meaning.Staggered braided stairs to bring the facade changes,Like the abstract latitude and longitude
Design Challenges
In the design process to use new materials and technologies such as the European Union to meet the environmental standards of various types of membrane, so as to achieve harmony between man and nature.
Production Technology
Wood, stone, special glass
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